Syrian Community Oxfordshire

Syrian Community Oxfordshire

The organization’s purpose, which is a charity based in Oxfordshire, is to transform the futures of the disadvantaged vulnerable and inspire them to engage with community work. Our objective is to improve the quality of life for people in the community by providing high-quality, effective mental health and well-being activities.

Cultural Club

It will gather young people from different backgrounds and help them build a kind of understanding and respect for their beliefs, which leads to gaining acceptance and a comprehensive understanding of others’ needs. All of that, by providing a mix of activities from different cultures, besides gaining life skills. The power of cultural activities will develop children’s social, emotional, and imaginative skills, helping them reach their full potential.

Emergency Food Parcel

Our food service helps many people who are in high need. This service is not just a food giving out, it builds community cohesion besides shows the importance of community work.