About Cultural Club

Cham Academy Oxford Cultural Club was launched in October 2021, as part of Syrian Community Oxfordshire SYRCOX at Cheney School, Headington.

The club’s vision is to provide a happy and secure environment where children can learn and develop friendships with each other, teaching staff and parents. The club’s mission is to instill a love for learning, confidence, and appreciation of cultural diversity and most importantly, to be polite, respectful and well-mannered children. We pride ourselves on being a happy place where children can develop their potential and be involved in activities that will enhance their skills in all areas of development.

Aims of the club are:

  • To enable children to develop their learning skills through a wide variety of activities
  • To enable them to experience excitement through achievement
  • To introduce them to people who they can relate to and trust
  • To work hard so that learning becomes enjoyable
  • To give them a sense of achievement
  • To teach them how to behave appropriately in all situations

Ensuring our children have an excellent education is one of the most important things we can do as parents. The vast majority of us are spending millions of pounds a year on fees for our children to attend private schools. We believe that cham Academy Oxford Cultural Club represents an outstanding opportunity for the community in Oxford. It has all the ingredients for future success. Despite its young age, this is a newly established club, and we have been able to nurture a great rapport with parents combined with excellent attendance means that participants are very well supported in all aspects of their learning. There is an obvious focus on pupils’ safeguarding and personal development resulting in them behaving well and saying they feel safe.

As a result, we encourage you to bring your child along to this thriving club which aims to develop children’s social skills and confidence as well as their educational achievements.

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